The Forest is A Home

The forests of the Sunshine Coast are magical to forage in. Peaceful, until you step on a wasps’ nest; sunny, until it rains because you didn’t bring a jacket; friendly mountain bikers and other foragers, until you’re lost and then where is everyone?

All kidding aside, the forests on the Coast are a dream. The undergrowth is low so you can forage off the paths easily, there are lots of creeks to pause and breathe in the mist, the bridges are maintained and (most) of the trails are well marked.

The forest is home to bears, deer, cougar, squirrels, birds and many other creatures big and small – and we are guests. Mutual respect keeps everyone safe and happy.








The fawn and the bard were in McDowell’s backyard, but in fairness it backs onto the forest. The owl must have heard about the 108 mice McDowell captured and released from her cabin last winter.