Meronwood Mushroom Photo Gallery

Photos taken with a jnPhone.

(Often wish I had my big camera, but in the forest I’m a forager first and photographer 238th.)

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Amanita muscaria Allstars

Amanita hold me tighter…The wondrous world of Amanita muscaria

Amanita pantherina

The wondrous world of  Amanita pantherina… we feel cool just saying it

Boletus Maximus

McDowell thinks boletus are super maximum cool. Huge smile when one is found.

Cauliflower Mushrooms

The cauliflowers we have known.

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Oh Chanties – everyone knows you, everyone loves you!

Coral Mushrooms

With Corals It’s All About The Tips

False Morels

We’re mad for morels. But we only take photos of these toxic kids.

Ghost Pipes - Forest Plants

Monotropa uniflora, Just say pffftt to chlorophyll and get symbiotic with mushrooms and trees.

Hedgehog Mushrooms

Teeth Rock!

Honey Mushrooms

Plentiful and happy – some pooh-pooh them. We like ’em! (But not with wine.)

Laetiporus sulphureus

Beautiful colour, Awesome texture. 

Lobster Mushrooms

Stunning orange and delicious, McDowell jumps for joy when a flash of orange is spotted.

Mighty Morels

Too cool for school. We feel pretty rad when we find morels.

Oyster Mushrooms

Spring and fall just wouldn’t be the same without oyster mushroom runs.

Pine Mushrooms

Matsutake. Smell Them, Pick Them. Smell Them, Eat Them.

Puffball Mushrooms

They huff and they puff. Who doesn’t find puffballs cool?

Tinder Conk Mushrooms

If they’re good enough for the Ice People. They’re good enough for us!

Polypore Hexie-Pore

Open pore gill ploypores. Impossible you say, check out these hexie Polyporus alveolaris

Trametes Chews

Trametes versicolor, turkey tail – by any name, it’s a powerful medicinal mushroom.