Let’s face it – anything that’s puffs is magic, be it dragons or mushrooms. And there were so many jewel-like puffballs studded throughout the forests this summer that the photos McDowell took are endless. You know she likes magic, and dragons, and studs are always fun on punks, collars, coats & mushrooms!

Still reminding McDowell of the punk years.

And I can honestly say Sharif does like them. (Because we now have a Sharif in the family!)

Still Rocking The Casbah. in the summer of 2019.

Eventually a hole will open at the top and the spores ail be released through there when pressure is applied from a touch or even falling raindrops.

The ones in these photos are too young to have the top opening yet.

We Are Fam-i-ly!

Oh puffballs, big or small you are enchanting!

And speaking of punk. Isn’t it cute how what we thought was far out punk in the 70s sounds so quaint now?

About Lycoperdon perlatum

Lycoperdon perlatum, popularly known as the common puffball, warted puffball, gem-studded puffball, or the devil’s snuff-box, is a species of puffball fungus in the family Agaricaceae. A widespread species with a cosmopolitan distribution, it is a medium-sized puffball with a round fruit body tapering to a wide stalk. It is off-white with a top covered in short spiny bumps or “jewels”, which are easily rubbed off to leave a netlike pattern on the surface. When mature it becomes brown, and a hole in the top opens to release spores in a burst when the body is compressed by touch or falling raindrops.

More information: Lycoperdon perlatum: wikipedia