You’ll see these cool and poisonous mushrooms throughout the forest. This is the first time we saw them on an old log and they were so orange (rather than the usual sunny egg yellow) that we both remarked on them. And where were we – in the Valley of Giants where mushrooms are… somehow just a little different!

Hypholoma fasciculare, Sunshine Coast, BC
Much more orange that the usual sulfur tufts we adore, these caught our attention in the Valley of Giants.

Hypholoma fasciculare, Sunshine Coast, BC
Definitely stems on these kids. The Valley offers mushrooms to blow your mind.


About Hypholoma fasciculare

Hypholoma fasciculare, commonly known as the sulphur tuft, sulfur tuft or clustered woodlover, is a common woodland mushroom, often in evidence when hardly any other mushrooms are to be found. This saprophagic small gill fungus grows prolifically in large clumps on stumps, dead roots or rotting trunks of broadleaved trees.

The sulphur tuft is bitter and poisonous; consuming it can cause vomiting, diarrhea and convulsions. The principal toxic constituents have been named fasciculol E and fasciculol F.

More information: Hypholoma fasciculare : wikipedia