What happens when McDowell goes into a hot dry forest holding out her (surfing) hat?

Balfour fills it with summer chanterelles and a few hedgehogs!

Chanterelle Hat

The chanterelles remind McDowell of the mushrooms she picks in Ontario: Firm, perfect texture and bold concentrated taste. We just gathered a hatful because the dogs were whining about not getting a decent walk in with us stopping to ooo and ahhh over these babies.

The hedgehogs (not shown because they were first picked and in the bottom of the hat) are a mystery to us, usually they don’t appear until fall. We’ll have to ask them.

Chanterelle perfection 20160730

Just look at the ridges standing proud. Yes bit dry on the ends. What a beauty.


About Cantharellus cibarius

Cantharellus cibarius, commonly known as the chanterelle, golden chanterelle or girolle, is a fungus. It is probably the best known species of the genus Cantharellus, if not the entire family of Cantharellaceae. It is orange or yellow, meaty and funnel-shaped. On the lower surface, underneath the smooth cap, it has gill-like ridges that run almost all the way down its stipe, which tapers down seamlessly from the cap. It emits a fruity aroma, reminiscent of apricots and a mildly peppery taste (hence its German name, Pfifferling) and is considered an excellent edible mushroom.

More information: Cantharellus ciborium, Wikipedia