Ever watch the tv series Black Books? McDowell got her love of saying misc from there. If you haven’t seen it – brilliant!

So, along with some landscape shots, here is the lineup of misc mushrooms of October 2020. These are mushrooms that we’ve IDed before and are just wanting to remember from our foraging this fall. See how many you recognize…

October 8 – Mount Elphinstone

October 10 – Mount Elphinstone

October 11 – Pouring Rain. We got completely drenched. Roberts Creek.

October 13 – Soames Hill.

October 14 – Sprockids

Welcoming committee when McDowell got home.

October 15 – B&K

Balfour leads the way 4×4 up a dicey road.

And we find a treasure trove.

October 17 – Upper Roberts Creek

October 22 – Upper Roberts Creek

October 30 Mount Elphinstone

We 4×4 up as far as we can and then start walking.

Often the charred trees are strikingly beautiful.

Hint – Just starting to show stain.

And a mature one that is almost completely stained.

Balfour found two patches of late ___________. This was the smaller patch.

Crossed over to another part of the forest to look for pines.
Everyone thinks they are late. We agree. Didn’t see one, where usually this is matsutake heaven.

After a day in the forest, McDowell sets up her dehydrator at night.
She has a real thing about tearing the chanterelles by hand to go into the dehydrator and not cutting them. Same for her home made bread – tearing only.